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Product Details

Quite simply, the Salli Multiadjuster is an outstanding adjustable saddle chair. Not only does the chair have the Salli patented saddle shape and the unique split saddle design, but it has several adjustable features to help you achieve your ideal position throughout the day.

  • Total weight is 11.5 kg, seat only weight is 8 kg
  • Standard soft castors (65mm)
  • Inclination adjustment: By pulling on the Multiadjuster lever you can change the forward and backward angular tilt of the seat. Changing this during the day enables you to reduce the stresses and strains of sitting on one area of the body
  • Saddle width adjustment: This simple adjustment allows you to change the width between the two halves of the saddle seat, in order to find the ideal position of comfort.
  • Hand controlled gas spring height adjuster