Getting your Salli to the right height

Working out how high your saddle should be

To get the very most out of your saddle stool it is important to set your chair at the the right height.
On a conventional stool or chair you hips are normally positioned just above the knees.
On a saddle stool the angle between the hips and the knees should be approximately 135 degrees.

  • Sitting on a conventional chair

    Sitting on a conventional chair

  • salli-angle-of-sitting

    Sitting on a Salli

Getting the right height

  1. Sit on the stool
  2. Make sure your bottom is aligned with the back edge of the stool
  3. Bring your legs to the sides of the stool
  4. Use the height adjustment lever to raise the stool so your feet are just coming off the floor
  5. Slowly lower the stool back down until you feel your feet are firmly planted on the floor