Working out your desk height

When you sit in a saddle chair you will be sitting in a high position.

If you use a desk or sit at a workstation the height of the desk will need to be adjusted accordingly. It can be difficult to know what height to have for your stool. So we have developed the Salli Desk Measuring Service.

Sitting in a conventional chair with arms at 90 degrees to body and with your lower leg at 90 to your thigh, measure:

1) the distance from back of knee to the floor.
2) the distance from back of knee to back of buttocks
3) the distance from elbow to the seat pan.


All you need to do is send us these three measurements in cm via email or our contact form and we will give you the desk height range based on those measurements. Use the form below to fill in details now and to then complete the contact form.

Measurement 1: Measurement 2: Measurement 3: