Upholstery and Colour Charts

Salli saddle chairs are available with a variety of upholstery to suit different environments and uses. Salli chairs may easily be re-upholstered and separate seat covers for the chairs are available to offer additional protection. (Seat covers are available for both the one and two-part seats)

The following options are available for Salli Saddle chairs:

  • Scandinavian A1, A2 or A3 quality bovine leather (16 colours)
  • Disinfectable artificial leather – suitable for clinical/laboratory environments
  • Antistatic ESD leather (black) – suitable for the electronics industry
  • Antistatic ESD fabric by Krall & Roth (blue)
  • 100 % cotton (black, blue, green)


  • Salli Leather Colours


  • Salli Artificial Colours